Volunteer Opportunities

You can be a part of the fun and the healing!

Delivering meals takes just 1.5 hours a week. You choose the day that works best for you. All of our drivers readily say delivering MOW is the most rewarding part of their week!

Here is how it works:  

  1. Pick a day (we deliver Monday through Friday) 
  2. Ride along with our volunteer drivers on that specific day each week in Dayton OR Liberty
  3. Learn the routes that we drive and help deliver meals and smiles
  4. After new volunteers feel comfortable, they can begin to deliver on their own!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do volunteers need food handler licenses? No, just a reliable car and a desire to help others. 

Do I need to wear a uniform, mask, or gloves? None of these items are required. We will, however, give each volunteer a free Meals on Wheels shirt, but it is not required they wear it when delivering. 

How does it work? Each weekday, volunteers pick up meals at the Dayton Community Center Senior Center Cafeteria at 8 AM or at Liberty Middle School at 9:30 AM. The meals are cooked fresh, packaged in single-serving trays, and placed in special lightweight delivery boxes that maintain an optimal temperature. Volunteers deliver on four separate routes daily. They return to Dayton Community Center and Liberty Middle School after the route to drop off the transport boxes and they are done for the day!  It takes approx. 1-1.5 hours and is a minimal expenditure of time that reaps great blessings.

Do I have to deliver alone? We encourage that drivers deliver in teams of two. It’s more fun and it helps speed up delivery time! Also, if you are unable to deliver on your normal day, your partner can cover the route for you and vice versa!  

How often will I deliver? 

Most volunteers commit to one day per week. They deliver to the same route each week and truly get to know the clients. Some have busier schedules and deliver once a month or offer to substitute when drivers are out. We are grateful for any help and will work around your schedule! 

What if I am not from Dayton or Liberty? Will it be difficult to learn the route? 

The routes are easy to learn, and our experienced volunteer drivers are willing to drive/train as long as needed until new volunteers feel comfortable driving on their own! All of the routes contain full addresses for you to populate into your gps and have phone numbers listed for each client to call if needed.

How many volunteers do you need? 

We have 5 routes and deliver 5 days a week, so we need at least 25 drivers on rotation. 

What if I get sick or need to go out of town? 

Just message or call our scheduling team and we will find coverage for your route! Volunteers are also welcome to switch days with other drivers.

What if I need to take a break or stop delivering? 

Sometimes our drivers need to take breaks from delivering for an extended period or need to stop completely. We cherish you as a volunteer and never want you to feel burned out.  We will never question why you need a break, and we will welcome back you at any time. We try to keep as many volunteer drivers in rotation as possible, so the experience is enjoyable and not obligatory. By keeping a large volunteer base, we can always count on our team to cover for one another.   

Are there any benefits involved?

For our volunteers aged 55 and older, we offer several benefits through RSVP of Southeast Texas. RSVP enrolled volunteers receive insurance while they are delivering. It includes accident medical coverage, AD&D coverage, volunteer liability insurance, and excess automobile liability insurance.  Drivers are also reimbursed .25 cents per mile driven while delivering. This is all provided at no cost to the volunteer.

If you can help deliver, please call our office at (936) 641-2846 or email our volunteer coordinator, Lori Williams at drivers@libertymeals.com!

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