When bad news struck

To our supporters: 

Thank you for your generous and continued support of South Liberty County Meals on Wheels.  Over the past year and during a pandemic, you have made taking care of our homebound seniors a priority.  A tangled web of government bureaucracy delayed significant funding for our program during the first quarter of 2021.  However, because of supporters like you, we had enough funds in the bank to continue feeding our elderly with no interruption in services.  

The main funding source for our local Meals on Wheels program is through a partnership with the Houston Galveston Area on Aging Council (HGAC).  Each month, South Liberty County Meals on Wheels receives reimbursements from HGAC for a certain amount of meals.  Our county’s allotment is divided between South Liberty County Meals on Wheels and Cleveland’s Meals on Wheels program. 

Due to the CARES Act and the Families First Act, our funding stream was switched. Fast forward a couple of months and the new funding stream ran out of money.  Simply put, we were told by HGAC there was confusion of “where the money was at,” they were backlogged and that *eventually* we would be reimbursed.  

But because of our community’s fantastic, consistent support, our Board of Directors did not have to panic.  We did not have to hurriedly try to raise funds to cover the lapse.  We did not have to cut services.  All we had to do was cut a check (several of them). 

Thank you.  Thank you on behalf of the 65+ clients whom you serve daily.  Thank you on behalf of our delivery drivers who volunteer each week to deliver a hot meal and a smile. You are helping keep our seniors happy and healthy. 


Kim Stegall, Executive Director

Board of Directors:  Emily Cook Mike Allison Lori Williams Cecilia Longoria

Pam Milentz Maxine Domain Terri Bivins